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17.2H RID Irish Draught Stallion at stud
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  • Producing Exemplary Foals with a ton of Athleticsm
  • Great Work Ethic
  • Excellent Bone and Feet
  • Excellent Bloodlines
  • Available On site or Via Cooled Shipped Semen

17.2H RID Irish Draught Stallion at stud

Big, Gentle Stallion With Excellent Offspring

Irish Draught, Grey, Stallion, 14 years, 17.2 hands
Beeston Lord Henry  Cosheen Liam 
Pride of Shara Flynn 
Beeston Bowhill  Gort Boy 
Purple Beauty 

Beeston Laird is a rare line to the well known movement sire Colman

Laird also brings in the jumping line of Tara through his son Clonmore Boy. Eventers will recognize Ben Purple who is the Irish Draught in the pedigree of the Gold Medal winner Custom Made.

We are proud to be standing at stud the amazing Irish stallion "Beeston Laird" who has become known for his temperament as well as his athleticism, including a lovely jump

Fortunately, Beeston Laird is proving himself able to pass on his gentle temperament, willing work ethic and athletic ability to his offspring

This is creating wonderful progeny who are athletic, intelligent and excellent amateur owner sporthorse partners. As the photos of some of his offspring attest

Laird is heterozygous grey - allowing color to come thru to his foals along with some lovely white on faces and legs. This is a truly exemplary stallion who is available via on site ai, on site live cover or cooled shipped semen

Please contact us for multiple mare discounts as well as discounts to proven show mares or proven producers

Contact us for photos of his offspring - lovely Irish sporthorses!

We have an outstanding selection of Irish Sporthorse and Irish Draught purebred foals


507-263-7510 (P)
United States, Minnesota
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2015 black Hanoverian colt
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  • Top pedigree

2015 black Hanoverian colt

top moving stallion prospect

Hanoverian, Black, Colt

Wonderful 2015 colt with great movements and top pedigree.


0049 8022 670008 (T)
Germany, International
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