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If your query isn't answered below - Please do not hesitate in contacting via email enquiries@horsequest.com


Q. How do I place my advert?

A. There are 2 simple ways to place an advert
1. Use the online ad placement system– Firstly you will need to register for My Horsequest, this will allow you to place ads, manage your ads, store horses in your Virtual Stable, set up email alerts and administer your personal profile.  Once you have placed your advert, you will immediately be sent a confirmation email containing a copy of your invoice.  Your advert will go live once it has been checked and authorized by the Horsequest team.

2.  Email your advert directly to advertise@horsequest.com

Q. How do I pay for my advert?

A. Place an advert online via our secure online payment system. Once you have placed your advert and completed payment, you will immediately be sent a confirmation email containing a copy of your invoice.  Your advert will go live once it has been checked and authorized by the Horsequest team. Alternatively, adverts can be paid for using a credit / debit card over the telephone and if you have emailed your ad, again we will contact you to organise payment within office hours Monday - Friday 8.30am - 1.30pm (EST)
Why not also have a look at our sister site in the UK www.horsequest.co.uk & Australia www.horsequest.net.au

Q. I’ve paid for my advert, so why has it not gone live immediately?

A. Adverts must be checked and authorized by Horsequest before they go live.  This ensures your advert looks it’s best and means that we are able to filter out any inappropriate items, thereby ensuring that we maintain the high standards for which Horsequest is known.

Q. How do I make changes to my advert or mark my advert as sold?

A. “My Horsequest” is the area in which you can manage your adverts.  You will be able to mark them as sold and include a message to the buyer if you wish, change the price of your ads and change the contact details that appear on your adverts.  Any other changes can be emailed to the Horsequest team at enquiries@horsequest.com, stating the advert reference (in the top right corner of the advert) or the telephone number that appears on your advert and we will make the changes for you

Q. How can I renew / refresh my advert?

A. Adverts can be refreshed at any time via the Manage My Adverts section within My Horsequest. By clicking the Premier / Leader ad option on the left of your advert it will then take you through each part of the advert allowing you to make changes to all your wording and photo's. Just follow the instructions on the screen. You will be sent a reminder email a few days before the advert is due to expire.  All adverts up to a year old will remain in your store and can be renewed at any time. Renewed adverts must be for the same horse or item.  New horses / items must be placed on a new advert.

Q. How do I find the horses and ponies for sale?

A. You will see two drop down menus on the left hand side of your screen titled Horses and Ponies.  If you click on the arrow on the right of each title (ie Horses) the drop down menu will appear and you will be able to select a category.  This will take you to an introduction page which may contain a few premier adverts, from here please select from the navigation that appears at the top and bottom of the page to view all adverts in that section.

Q. Can I swap / add photos to my advert?

A. You can replace a picture at any time free of charge, all you need to do is email the replacement picture along with your telephone number to enquiries@horsequest.com

Q. How do I know how long an advert has been online?

A. All new adverts go in at the top of the page and gradually work there way down as they get older

Q. How do I contact you?

A. Email us at enquiries@horsequest.com 

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