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Hanoverian, Chestnut, Gelding, 5 years, 17.2 hands
  • Breed: Hanoverian
  • Year of Birth: 2013
  • Sire: Edward
  • Height: ca.178 cm / 17.2 hh
  • Color: Chestnut
  • Disciplines: Show Jumping, Hunter, Equitation
  • X-rays: Yes
  • Price: Categorie B up to EUR 30,000
  • Location: North Rhine-Westphalia


The GHC partner acquired Elliot directly from his rearer and, since then, has been training him in equestrian sport. Despite his size he is very movable and currently ready to compete in show jumping tests for young horses at novice (1.10 m) level.


Amiable and easy to ride show jumper with potential for the advanced class.

What sort of rider does this horse need?

Ideal for juniors, amateurs and lady riders wishing to bring on a young horse.




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Bay, Mare, 5 years, 16.3 hands
  • Year of Birth 2013
  • Breed Holsteiner
  • Sire Chin Champ
  • Height ca.170 cm / 16.3 hh
  • Color Bay
  • Disciplines Dressage, Show Jumping, Hunter, Equitation, Confidence Giver
  • X-rays Yes
  • Price Categorie C up to EUR 45,000
  • Location North Rhine-Westphalia


Fantasie was initially trained by the breeder before she was obtained by the GHC partner in April 2018, where she is now undergoing professional training. She has been trained in accordance with her age and has already gained competitive experience in show jumping tests for young horses at elementary (1.20 m) level. This mare already shows potential and is a promising candidate for a future international Youngster Tour. 


High placings in elementary (1.20 m) show jumping tests for young horses. In a suitability test Fantasie not only performed well on the jumping course but also gave a convincing dressage performance, which resulted in a first place.


A well-trained mare with good, natural balance. She is eager to learn and intelligent, easily mastering every new challenge. Fantasie has a calm and well-balanced manner. She is well-behaved and a clear thinker. Under the saddle, she presents herself as a mature horse, but not lazy. 

What sort of rider does the horse need?

A young horse for almost any rider. Her calm nature makes her particularly suitable for US equitation and hunter sport



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