Dearest Friend

Dearest Friend
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Dearest Friend

Hanoverian, Chestnut, Gelding, 8 years, 17 hands
  • Gelding
  • Year of Birth 2011
  • Breed Hanoverian
  • Sire Desperados
  • Height ca.172 cm / 17.0 hh
  • Color Chestnut
  • Disciplines Dressage
  • X-rays Yes
  • Price Categorie F up to EUR 150,000
  • Location Lower Saxony
  • Offer No.16846


This elegant dressage horse was gelded as recently as late summer 2018. Dearest Friend has achieved an advanced stage in training and is en route to the advanced class. He is a quick learner and therefore already has a confident command of flying changes in series and canter pirouettes. His basic gaits achieve top grades - his walk and canter, for example, have been awarded the excellent score of 9.0


Has won a dressage tests for young horses at medium level as well as a medium* class dressage test. Placed at medium** level


Uncomplicated, sensitive horse which remains well-behaved and is not easily distracted at competitions



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