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Chestnut, Mare, 5 years, 17 hands
  • Year of Birth 2014
  • Breed Holsteiner
  • Sire Casall
  • Height ca.172 cm / 17.0 hh
  • Disciplines Show Jumping, Hunter, Equitation
  • X-rays Yes
  • Price Categorie C up to EUR 45,000
  • Location Bavaria

Cocobella is ready to participate in Elementary class (1.20 m) show jumping tests for young horses. She consistently keeps an even canter stride and already presents herself in very good balance.


This young mare has achieved wins and placings in show jumping tests for young horses at novice (1.10 m) and novice** (1.15 m) level.


A calm, refined mare with a somewhat shy character. Cocobella is pleasant to ride and already very mature for her young age.

What sort of rider does the horse need?

A highly promising young horse. Given appropriate further training, Cocobella is also an ideal partner for girls and amateurs.


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Mare, 6 years, 16.3 hands
  • Year of Birth 2013
  • Breed Bavarian Warmblood
  • Sire Con Chello
  • Height ca.170 cm / 16.3 hh
  • Disciplines Show Jumping, Eventing
  • X-rays Yes
  • Price Categorie B up to EUR 30,000


Cortessa has been reared by the GHC partner. She is eager to learn and ready to compete in show jumping tests for young horses at medium (1.30 m) level.


Placed in show jumping tests for young horses in the novice (1.10 m) and elementary (1.20 m) classes.


Cortessa is very affectionate towards humans and easy to handle. A pleasant horse with excellent riding qualities which makes everyday work a real pleasure for her rider.

What sort of rider does this horse need?

Ideal amateur horse for almost any rider looking for an uncomplicated sport horse.



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