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  • Gelding
  • Year of Birth 2012
  • Breed Holsteiner
  • Sire Corrido
  • Height ca.170 cm / 16.3 hh
  • Color Bay
  • Disciplines Show Jumping, Hunter, Equitation, Confidence Giver
  • X-raysYes
  • Price Categorie A EUR 15,000 - 20,000
  • Location Schleswig-Holstein


Centiago was bred and has also been trained by the GHC partner. This gelding impresses with a very nice jumping technique and plenty of potential. He is ready to compete in show jumping tests for young horses at elementary (1.20 m) level.


Placed in show jumping tests for young horses in the novice (1.10 m) and elementary (1.20 m) classes.


A relaxed companion which always keeps his cool. Centiago is very well-behaved and forgives rider errors.

What sort of rider does the horse need?

Reliable amateur horse for the medium, maybe also for the advanced class in the future.


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Dollar Boy

Dollar Boy
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Dollar Boy

Chestnut, Gelding, 5 years, 16.3 hands
  • Year of Birth 2013
  • Breed Westphalian
  • Sire Dibadu
  • Disciplines Show Jumping, Hunter
  • X-rays Yes
  • Price Categorie B up to EUR 30,000
  • Location North Rhine-Westphalia


Dollar Boy comes directly from the breeder and has been trained by the GHC partner. He has been trained in accordance with his age and can participate in show jumping tests for young horses at novice (1.10 m) and elementary (1.20 m) level. He shows good flying changes.


Placed in show jumping tests for young horses at novice (1.10 m) level.


Attractive gelding with a good character. Dollar Boy is easy to ride and easy to handle at the jump.

What sort of rider does this horse need?

A talented horse in training for amateurs or lady riders



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Top quality hunter jumpers for sale, pony jumpers and hunters under saddle are advertised for sale on our horse classifieds at

From Champion hunter jumpers to small pony hunters for sale, we have listings to suit all levels of rider and all the hunter divisions.

Hunters over fences should display great jumping style, and soundness coupled with quality looks and movement, together with manners, willingness and suitability of horse and rider.

Hunter Seat Equitation is a different division from the hunter jumpers and is judged on the ability and the style of the rider and can be judged over fences and on the flat. In the Jumper Equitation division riders are judged not only on their ability to negotiate a course of jumps on their horses, but also on their style and position whilst jumping. is one of the top places to advertise your hunter jumper for sale in the USA.

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